We welcome guests from across the ocean: Kyle King from the USA will perform on the main stage at BSC 2024


05. April, 2024


Less than a week and finally we will meet on 11th April in Riga, where the largest comprehensive security conference in the Baltics will take place. It will bring together leading security experts, industry professionals, government representatives and other key local and international participants to share the latest solutions and innovations to strengthen security measures in the Baltics and wider internationally.

Kyle King, CEO of Capacity Building International, as well as founder and CEO of Crisis Lab, will be a keynote speaker at the conference. Kyle King has over 30 years of experience in the emergency and international security fields, including significant time spent in NATO operations.

This conference offers an opportunity to learn about King's perspective and experience. He will share valuable ideas and skills to strengthen security measures both in the Baltics and globally.

Speaking aims

Kyle will discuss the changing nature of civil security, which will be supported by a variety of crisis and response measures. Technological innovation, geopolitical tensions and the impact of society change on traditional security models will be examined. Given the critical need for a flexible and forward-looking strategy, the integration of cross-sectoral cooperation and advanced planning will be discussed. The aim of his presentation is to provide a deeper understanding of the diverse security landscape, highlighting innovative solutions and best practices in crisis management and civil protection.

Professional experience and education

With Capacity Building International, Kyle King advises USA bilateral programmes, working with partners to build long-term resilience and improve national security. In parallel, he founded Crisis Lab to bring these topics to communities and build civilian resilience. Kyle King holds a Master's degree in Diplomacy and Terrorism Studies, a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration, and certifications from the US Department of Defence and NATO. As an American Department of Defense Certified Chief Fire Officer, he developed the first international DoD fire and emergency certification program, and served as a civil emergency consultant for NATO operations.

Kyle King's performance will take place from 15:20 to 15:50 on the LMT stage. Make event plan to meet the only American representative this year and see the other guests https://balticsecurityconference.lv/en/programma/