Special Guest Baltic Security Conference 2024


26. March, 2024


We all know the metaphors of how you start the day, the week, the year or, in this case, the event. Add to that the equally important factor of first impressions and the hall can shout "Baltic Security Conference 2024 is ready to begin!"

We are delighted to announce the opening keynote speaker for this year's conference.

The personal participation of the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia, Rihards Kozlovskis, in the Baltic Security Conference 2024 confirms Latvia's interest in finding new solutions to the growing security threats, stimulating the development of the sector and cooperating with other countries.

In 2024, the Government of the Republic of Latvia has prioritised the internal and external security, health and education sectors. The Baltic Security Conference provides a ready environment for professionals, industry and experts to share experiences, find new solutions and forms of cooperation.

On behalf of the Baltic Security Conference team, we would like to thank R.Kozlovskis in advance for taking the time to attend the largest Baltic security event and deliver the opening speech.