Meet the Sponsor – Latvijas Mobilais Telefons


04. April, 2024


As the date approaches, the mood is upbeat. One of the reasons that reinforces it is this year's growth. As we have already written, by continuing and expanding our successful cooperation, we have the opportunity not only to promote the importance of security in the country, but also to grow and take the Conference to a new level.

We are really happy that this year for the first time we have established cooperation with Latvijas Mobolais Telefons as one of our sponsors. The Baltic Security Conference team wants to raise the quality and quantity of the event, but in order to do that, we need successful cooperation with sponsors and supporters to achieve our goals. That is why it is a great pleasure that this year for the first time Latvijas Mobilais Telefons is one of the sponsors helping to make this event happen, even more so the Baltic Security Conference team appreciates LMT contribution to strengthening the Latvian national security sector by creating various security solutions both in the civilian sector and in cooperation with the military sector.

"Sharing high-level expertise is particularly important in this geopolitical environment, where new risks are on the rise, but past security risks are not going away. Sharing professional expertise on risk-led security decision-making, identifying risks and selecting the most appropriate security solutions worked well in peacetime, but needs to be continuously improved today." says Egons Bušs, LMT Security Director.

Egons will be on stage at the BSC 2024 on 11 April to represent LMT on "The cyber-physical nature of physical security: the risks and opportunities of pervasive digitisation".

Watch the video, where we've given you, the aspiring member, a glimpse into the environment and daily rhythm of your favourite brand.

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