Meet the conference moderators


07. March, 2024


One of the responsible tasks of event organisers is always to choose the right event host, or several if the scale demands it. Of course, this year's keynote speeches will take place on two stages, so we needed a tandem of presenters who can make the event elegant, free up the audience and structure the flow everywhere at the same time.

Meet this year's moderators - we have selected a great tandem of experienced personalities! We are looking forward to seeing them interact. 

Valdis Melderis, host of events and Radio Skonto's morning programmes, has already trodden the BSC path last year. When asked what is the most important aspect for you in the world of event management, Valdis is almost immediately in his element: "Every good speaker starts with a story, or a story that sticks in your mind after they have spoken. I think that's the most important thing - that the audience is left with a story to take home, to colleagues, to friends, and best of all, a story to put into action. See you there!"

Oskars Priede, the "boss" of the other stage, is joining us for the first time, and we feel especially responsible to speak correctly throughout the day... Because Oskars is not only an event host, but also a presentation skill’s trainer, with a special affinity for studying the art of oratory. "Active interaction with the conference audience is not a desirable thing, but a necessary part of the event. See you at BSC!" 

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See you on 11 April 2024 at the ATTA Centre, 60 Krasta Street, Riga!