Meet the General Sponsor – Samsung Knox


30. March, 2024


Festive mood before Easter and the date of the event being so close to us create an uplifting mood. One of the reasons that reinforces it is the growth of this year. As we have already written, by continuing existing and expanding the range of successful cooperation, we have the opportunity not only to promote the importance of security in the country, but also to grow and deliver the conference at a new level.  

Today we are really happy to continue our cooperation with Samsung Electronics  and Samsung Knox as General Sponsor.  

And that is not all. Do you remember one of last year's most anticipated and loudly applauded guest speakers? YES! We are delighted to announce that Phil Lander, Director of Samsung Electronics Europe will be flying in to join us again this year!   

In addition, this year Samsung will also enrich the Panel Discussion line-up with Jacek Łęgiewicz , Corporate Affairs Director at Samsung Electronics Poland, as well as WorkShop program where practical solutions will be presented by Kajetan Augustowski and Marcin Siwinski.   

"In the technology industry security is paramount for achieving business goals as it safeguards the company's reputation and fosters long-term customer loyalty and trust in our products. This is especially critical in the mobile device business sector because these devices accompany users throughout their daily lives and store vast amounts of sensitive personal and business data. 

Given the rapid evolution of technology, security threats and protection against them evolve equally fast. For example, when developing artificial intelligence functions for Samsung devices, we also had to consider the potential security risks. Continuous improvement of security tools like Samsung Knox, which safeguards user data at both hardware and software levels, is extremely important for us to maintain protection against emerging threats. 

Participating in Baltic Security Conference is invaluable for our company, as it allows us to engage with experts from diverse industries and deepen our understanding of potential security risks. By staying informed and proactive, we can better prepare against the evolving threats!," says Raimonds Sastakovics, Samsung B2B Segment Manager.   

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